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Valve Ceramic ball

HC has a corrosion-resistant ceramic ball valve, high temperature, wear and erosion resistance and other notable features. Widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, paper making, power plants, oil refining and other industries in the various types of acid-base salt of gas, liquid, high temperature steam and mud transportation system. Is highly corrosive situations titanium valves, Monel valves ideal alternative. Zirconia ceramic ball low cost, high operating economy and long life (titanium valve 2 to 4 times) of advantages. The drive a manual, pneumatic, pneumatic a spring reset, electrical and so on. According to user requirements and design of various types of special ceramic valves.

Main features:
Anti-erosion, wear 
Valve ball, valve seat and lining are made of zirconia structural ceramic material, Rockwell hardness up to HRA87 above, which can withstand high velocity and the erosion of the hard granular media.
Has excellent wear resistance.
Corrosion ability 
The Institute for Corrosion and Protection, Chinese Academy of Inspection, with the exception of glass solution and hydrofluoric acid, zirconia ceramic materials with excellent corrosion resistance.
Long life
Hefei General through the Department of Mechanical life test of the static pressure, switching a million times still leaking.
Wide aplications 
Applicable to various acid, alkali, salt liquid, gas media environment, especially for hard-sealing valve with the particles, fibrous media environment.

Main material: zirconia, alumina and zirconia toughened alumina 






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